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We, at Soline Móveis, believe that furnishing is an art! With the increasing variety of office furniture, the market expansion and the ascension of a society culturally aligned with the search for a better design to furnish its space, it is worth noting that the simple task of furnishing a room has become, today, a form of art!

Increased and stimulated by competition between suppliers, we aim to highlight us as a shop able to meet the requirements of companies, especially when they understand that the differentiation and customization of furniture are a great ally in building their corporate identity. To invest in a suitable furniture for their exact purpose and ensure that it is aligned with the image and the company’s history, there’s no better way to cultivate an inspiring and successful work environment, as long as the right office furniture is chosen.

In fact , differentiation is the word of the moment in the office furniture market. Just as every company differs from each other, the furniture present in these working spaces has been transforming itself and distancing itself from the standardization of mass production to explore the beauties and trends of each season, as well as the customs of each society and market niche. That sense of moving between offices, meeting rooms and workspaces and feel immersed in “more of the same” – same cubicles, same chairs , same tables, same cabinets, same office furniture – we believe is beginning to dissipate. Companies do not want it anymore, whether they are young , consolidated, serious or edgy, we understand that today they want, through furniture, convey their concepts and values.

It was among the demands of this new business culture that Soline Mobile arose. Founded in 2000 and strategically located in the central region of São Paulo, where large private companies, public institutions, architectural firms and businesses targeted at different sectors of society converge. We accumulated over a decade of experience and knowledge through serving every conceivable demand and offering a vast array of office furniture.

Be sure to check out the full list of products and office furniture we offer in our institutional page (www.solinemoveis.com.br) where you can also see a small sample of customers with whom we have had the pleasure of working. We have a great selection of wooden office furniture, steel office furniture and also provide, through our online shop, e-commerce platform Soline the most requested products by our customers in unique offerings for immediate purchase .


Foreign exporters of furniture are welcomed to contact us by the following mail [[email protected]] for joint business opportunities.


Sobre a Soline Móveis

Loja de móveis para escritório em São Paulo/SP, há 18 anos no mercado mobiliário. Desenvolvemos projetos personalizados para sua empresa. Mobiliário corporativo completo: Plataformas, Estação de trabalho, móveis e cadeiras para escritório, armários, cadeira presidente, cadeiras giratórias, cofre digital, mesas para seu escritório e muito mais.


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